In 1420 the first vineyards were purchased by the St Urban Closter from Arnold von Rätzberg. The monks began praying for their harvest, prayers which seem to ensure a superior quality of wine, even in the 21st century.

The powerful Closter owned one third of the vineyards of Vingneules (the area around the Räblus) in 1837, when this village sued the Closter for unjustified use of the surrounding forest. This was the beginning of major social changes that ended feudal privileges.
In 1899, 42 year old Friedrich-Johannes Wysseier opened Café Wysseier in a small building on the north side of the Closter. Today’s it is the fith generation of Wysseier’s, that manage the establishment. Ruth Wysseier and her partner Swiss Schweizer continue to work in the family vineyards and elaborate its wine.