This menu is served on the main flor only. For the garden and Panorama menus, please visit the corresponding page.


Daily soup 7.00

Beef broth with vegetable / sherry / egg 7.00


Tartar of white fish , on salad 17.00

Perche filet deep fried or pan fried 22.00

Sauted fish, with garlic and tomatoes on pasta 14.00


Green tossed salad 8.00

Mixed vegetable salad 10.00


280g per portion in two services. Smaller portions are also awailable

Perch deep fried in a light beer batter or pan fried in brown butter 39.50

White fish deep fried, alway fresh from our lake 36.00

Pike deep fried, fresh from our fishtank 40.00

White fish with brown butter and capers 36.00

Slices of pike provençale, with garlic, tomatoes and white wine 40.00

Lake fish poached, with terragon cream sauce 36.00

Rainbow trout poached or panfried 1pce 20.00 2pce 37.00

Whole pike from our lake, oven baked p.p. 40.00
(minimum 500g)

Select, pan fried pike, perch, and sander on a chasselas-cream sauce 36.00

All orders are served with
reis, french fries or boiled patatoes

Home made sauces:
Tartare, mayonnaise or quark


Filet of beef 43.00

Beef entrecôte 36.00

Filet of beef stroganoff 40.00

Veal scallops in a mushroom cream sauce 38.00

Wienerschnitzel (thin, breaded veal cutlet) 38.00

Chicken breast panfried with a dijon mustard sauce 33.00

Mixed salad or vegetables
Rice, noodles or french fries


Stroganoff of Quorn with vegetables and noodles 26.00

For our young guests

Perche deep fried or pan fried 17.00

Porc cutlet breaded or plain, with vegetables and french fries 17.00

Noodles with vegetable stripes and tomatoe sauce 15.00

Fischer’s Menu 58.00

With our winemaker’s recommendations 77.00

Mixed salad and deep fried pike
1 dl Chasselas
Filet of féra fish with taragon sauce, rice
1 dl Mon Blanc
Sorbet Campari with spakling wine
Filets of perch pan fried, potatoes
1 dl OEil de Perdrix
Dessert plate
Solaris ou Brandy



Grapes from our vineyard in rum with vanilla ice cream 15.00

Diplomat: vanilla cream custard with raisins and rum 12.00

Parfait glacé Grand Marnier9.00

Mousse au chocolat 10.00

Warm chocolate cake 12.00

Meringue 8.00

Meringue with ice cream 12.00

Café glacé 9.00

Cassata (with Maraschino) 8.00

Coupe Romanoff (seulement en saison) 10.00

Coupe Dänemark 12.00

Sherbets / Ice creams:

Lemon sherbet with Vodka 11.00

Apricot sherbet with Abricotine 11.00

Plum sherbet with Vieille Prune 11.00


Vanilla, mocca, strawberry, caramel, chocolat, lemon, plume, apricot