Panorama only in winter



Soup of the Day 9.00

Green salad 9.00

Mixed salad 12.00

Smoked with fish tartar with mixed greens 19.00


Perch panfried in brown butter or deep fried in a light beer batter 33.00

White fish deep fried, always fresh from the lake 29.50

Pike, deep fried fresh from our fish tank 35.00

Perch both ways:
150g pan fried followed by 150g deep fried 40.00

Sander, grilled, with seasonal vegetables and butter 32.00

Surf and turf: 40.00
Filet of beef and filet of pike with vegetables

Trio: 36.00
grilled pike, sander and whitefish with garden vegetables and herb butter

All orders are served with rice, french fries or boiled patatoes


Entrecôte of beef, fresh vegetables and herb butter 40.00

Porc steak on a generous mixed salad 30.00

Chickenbreast vegetables and mushroom cream sauce 33.00

(Our meat originates in Switzerland)

For our young guests

Fish deep fried or pan fried 17.00

porc cutlet grilled, vegetable and french fries 17.00

Noodles with tomatosauce 15.00



Diplomat: vanilla cream custard with raisins and rum 13.00

Parfait glacé Grand Marnier 9.50

Mousse au chocolat 13.00

Meringue 9.00

Meringue with ice cream 13.00

Sherbets / Ice creams:

Lemon sherbet with Vodka 12.00

Apricot sherbet with Abricotine 12.00

Plum sherbet with Vieille Prune 12.00

Café glacé 12.00

Cassata (with Maraschino) 9.00

Coupe Romanoff (seulement en saison) 15.00

Vanilla, mocca, strawberry, caramel, chocolat, lemon, plume, apple